• Waterfirst offers a natural eco-friendly biological system which ensures clear water without the addition of any harmful chemicals.

    The system is unique in its design as it is a compact system that takes up […]

  • The purpose of F.O.G traps is to prevent drains from becoming blocked up with emulsified fats. These traps keep the fats, oils and grease from entering the sewer lines which then harden in the pipes and become a […]

  • We install systems for the growing aquaculture industry.

    We build and install a practical system that is easy to operate and maintain for aquaculture and aquaponic systems consisting of:

    Bioreactors for […]

  • All car wash water can be treated and reused back into the wash bay water or into surrounding gardens. The bio-remediation treatment process breaks down the organic and inorganic substances in the car wash soaps […]

  • Waterfirst supplies and installs rainwater tanks for domestic, commercial and industrial use. Tanks of all sizes are available from slimlines, that fit into that tight corner at home, to banks of 20,000 litres for […]

  • WATERfirst employs a unique bioreactor as the heart and and lungs of the recirculating aquaculture system (known as the RAS). This system is fully aerated and provides enough oxygen vital for the nitrifying […]

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