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Computer course

Excell solutions provide the computer skills course that will give you the essential skills to operate the microsoft office modules effectively and efficiently & become […]

call centre7

Call centre course

Register with excell solutions for a call centre training that will get you equipped with skills to open a call, negotiate with a customer on […]



Receptionist is a person that is employed by the organisation and is put at the front desk to receive guests or clients, to answer the […]

computerized cashier1

Computerized cashier course

Cashier is a person that handles the cash register in various locations such as the point of sale in a retail store. excell solutions provides […]

graphic design3

Web and graphic design course

Do you like to communicate visually? study graphic design with excell solutions and gain skills in visual communication, in traditional print media, digital and interactive […]

effect comm1

Effective communications skills training workshop

Effective communication skills are fundamental to success in many aspects of life. excell solutions are here to equip you with communications training that will help […]

customer servc2

Customer service training workshop

Customer service is teaching employees the knowledge, skills and competencies required to increase customer’s satisfaction. excell solutions are here to equip you with the capacity […]

time management3

Time management training workshop

Excell solutions offers you the time management training workshop that is the key to getting the most out of your day. this course will help […]

presenting skills1

Presenting skills training workshop

Presentation is developing the confidence and capacity to good presentation. excell solutions is here to help you gain that confident to stand up in front […]


Computer typing skills and speed typing course

Are you keen to improve your typing speed? excell solutions is the right place for you!! with our comprehensive touch and speed typing course and […]

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Boiler making course

Excell welders gives you the best practical training for boiler making also known as fabrication that comes with a free arc (stick) welding training. register […]


Metal inert gas course (co2)

Register with excell welders for metal inert gas(mig) course also known as co2 that focus on the use of gas, an electric arc and a […]

arg weld6

Argon welding (tungsten inert gas) (tig) welding)

Excell welders provides with comprehensive argon also known as (tungsten inert gas) (tig) welding course this process uses a non consumable tungsten electrode to produce […]

arc weld1

Arc (stick) welding

Excell welders is here to help you start your career. arc welding is used to melt metal together by heating it using an arc of […]


Plumbing training course

The course of plumbing is highly valuable as it plays an important role in our society. so, if you have a keen interest in venturing […]

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